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The last Sunday of the month
27 December 2009
in the Plaza Mayor
but Women in Black against wars – Madrid
invite you
to read about GAZA FREEDOM MARCH


We Women in Black want to remember the alarming situation being experienced by the people of Gaza as a result of the Israeli siege and the passivity of the international community in confronting this fact.

We ask for an investigation of the accusations of war crimes contained in the report by Goldstone, who was charged by the United Nations Human Rights Council with writing the report, which deals with the Israeli military intervention in Palestinian territory during this past December and January, known as Operation Cast Lead, in which 1,400 Palestinians were killed, the majority of them civilians, including 300 children and 13 Israelis. The report put responsibility on both parties, but reserved the harshest criticism for Israel, which it accuses of crimes against humanity because of these deaths and for demolishing the civilian infrastructure of Gaza: schools, hospitals and homes.

The Oslo accords foresaw a zone of separation between Israel and the Gaza Strip that has been occupied by the Israelis. Many farmers and people living in the countryside have had to abandon their land, and those who have stayed see the Israeli Army shooting at them and destroying their crops with excavators even while they are working.

We are united with the Gaza Freedom March, which will take place on 31 December, in support of the denouncement that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is a flagrant violation of international law, inflicting disastrous injury and harm on the populace, in which the United States and the European Union are complicit. This international march, in conjunction with the people of Gaza, will be a non-violent action to denounce and exert pressure on Israel to draw an end to the blockade and give recognition to their responsibility for the crimes committed. Likewise, we appeal to Egypt to open the border at Rafah, so that the people of Palestine can travel freely to study, to work or to receive medical treatment.

We share with the organizers of this march their faith in humanity calling on both parties to respect and fulfill international law and human rights, with the hope for a political solution to the conflict, which will halt the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, and will lead to a just and lasting peace.

We support the proposal of the Coalition of Women for Peace to maintain the arrest warrant initiated in the United Kingdom against Tzipi Livni, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, for war crimes in Gaza, including all those who bear responsibility in her government and army.

We lament the fact that in Spain the possibility of universal justice has been suppressed.

We ask that on the occasion of the Spanish presidency of the European Union, our government show clear and definitive support for the defense of human rights, following the recommendation of the Goldstone Report.
WiB madrid, 27 december 2009

Traslater Trisha Novak, USA


the last Sunday of the month: 29th of November
in the Plaza Mayor (next to the horse statue) at 12:00 noon.
Women in Black
invite you
to their vigil in black and in silence

In remembrance of 25 November

Women in Black Against War – Madrid
Remember and support
The women’s answer to violence by the military, making known their feelings, proposals and alternatives to violence and to war.

Let us expel war and violence
from history
and from our lives


25 November, International Day Against Violence Toward Women

We do not even want to mention the number of deaths because for us it is fundamental that no death become a statistic and that the basic reasons for this struggle not lose the perspective of the individual and unique history of each of these lives, now dead. We do not want this struggle to dissolve into some numerical significance regarding death, rather that it represent respect for life.”
(Collective of “Mujeres Creando” of Bolivia).

War is the ultimate expression of violence and militarism. Wars pre-suppose organized confrontation of armed groups with the goal to control, disarm, subjugate and destroy the enemy. Militarism, present to a greater or lesser degree in all societies, expresses a way of thinking, of feeling, of behaving, profoundly rooted in our consciousness and our socio-political systems.

The violence that women suffer in situations of armed conflict is an extreme manifestation of the discrimination and abuses they suffer in times of peace, and of the inequality in power relationships between men and women in the majority of societies. When political tensions and latent militarism explode into open conflict, the habitual attitudes and abuses take on new dimensions, and all forms of violence against women are exacerbated.

There are specific forms of violence against women in situations involving armed conflict and they are committed, to a greater or lesser degree, by all the participating armed actors. Rape as a weapon of war is, perhaps, the most well-known and brutal violence in which conflicts affect women and young girls; along with subjugation into slavery, sexual and domestic, and restriction of freedom to circulate because of fear of being kidnapped and raped. In times of war, many women must take on additional roles as only head of family and provider – women and children constitute 80% of the millions of displaced refugees who have fled from conflict situations.

Many women now have, and have had in the past, an important leadership role in the cause of Peace, not only as organized groups, but also the many women who carry out their daily chores, whose work is the very sustenance of life. The voices of women become notable as they express sentiments, needs, proposals and alternatives to latent militarism and war, such as demilitarizing our manner of feeling, thinking and acting; promoting education for Peace; promoting non-violent social change; participating at the peace negotiation tables; working for autonomy and equity; creating a just and lasting peace and calling out for truth, justice and reparations, so that the horror not be repeated.

The universal values of love, compassion, solidarity, care and tolerance must form the basis of global ethics, which should permeate culture, politics, commerce, religion and philosophy”.
(Wangari Muta Maathai, Activist from Kenya, Nobel Peace Prize, 2004).

Translation: Trisha Novak USA


The last Sunday of the month
In the Plaza Mayor (next to the horse statue) at 12:00 noon
Women in Black
Invite you
to a vigil in black and in silence
25 October 2009

For the liberation of the persons imprisoned for their ideas
and for the restoration of democracy.
For an end to forced labor
For ethnic rights and the right to live in peace
For the end of economic support given by the European and North American multinationals to the military junta of Burma
“Use your liberty to promote ours.”

Aung San Suu Kyi

Let us expel war and violence
from history
and from our lives

C/ San Cosme y San Damián, Nº 24, 2º
28012 – Madrid


“How fragile must be the order and the law that considers the political rights of a woman to express herself might put anything in danger.”


This country, also known as Myanmar, suffers a military dictatorship that has been changing governors since 1962. In the first elections of 1990 the LND (National League for Democracy) won, but the military junta did not accept this change and pursued and arrested numerous persons of the opposition. One of them is Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the LND and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. Despite all this, she has been under arrest for 19 years, towards the last in her own home, with no possibility of presenting herself for the upcoming elections. In addition, among others who have been imprisoned is Min Ko Naing, internationally recognized for his defense of human rights.

Women who are activists for peace have played an important role in the demonstrations and marches. Many of them have become clandestine owing to the frequent roundups in their homes, and several of them have been jailed.
More than 1400 individuals remain in jail because of their political ideas.
There are 1,000,000 internally displaced persons and another million who are refugees or in exile; 80% of these are women and children.

The successive popular non-violent demonstrations have been severely repressed, such as the student uprising in 1988 or, more recently, in 2007, the so-called saffron revolution, promoted by Buddhist monks.

The military enslave, torture and kill. They can imprison people for singing prohibited songs, for having a fax or for receiving a foreigner into their home. The fields are frequently mined to terrorize the people and often children are used to distribute the mines.

Repression attacks ethnic and religious minorities. One group of the military, the battalion of violators, carries out massive rapes of the women belonging to these minorities. Young girls are kidnapped for prostitution. The women of the Shan and Karen minorities have denounced this situation.

Who maintains this dictatorship?

-More than 40% of the national budget of Burma goes to military expenses.

-Countries like China, Russia and Serbia are accused of providing weapons to the military regime.

-Other governments with an interest in the nuclear program of the area support the regime, through action or omission.

-Although the European Union and the United States have declared an embargo of arms and financial services to Burma, 440 foreign enterprises operate in the country, lending great economic support to the dictatorship. Included among these are the multinationals Air France, Alcatel, American Express, Axel Springer, Caterpillar, Credit Agricole, Daewoo, Deutsche Bank, DHL, Fuji, General Motors, ClaxoSmithKline, Hyundai, Lufthansa, Nestle, Oracle, Siemens, Suzuki, Swatch, Unocal or Total. Some of these companies have been accused of using forced labor.

-In sum, the French petrol company and the U.S company Chevron-Texaco support the Junta with $450 million a year.

-The Yadana oil pipeline in which these companies are involved, is being used to launder drug money.

(Data obtained from Amnesty International, Cooperantesblog, National Federation of Human Rights, various journalists and the book “Burma, the Voice of Women”.)

“How insubstantial must be the peace and harmony in a country where peaceful and popular demonstrations turn into a panic bath.”

Aung San Suu Kyi

Women in Black Madrid – 25 october 2009
Traslater Trisha Novak USA


Mensaje original ——–
[womeninblack] Aswat responds to the attacks against gays in Tel-Aviv – ASWAT (Palestinian Gay Women)

Aswat- Palestinian Gay Women- laments the tragic death of the two youngsters at the Tel-Aviv gay center Saturday evening. Aswat strongly condemns the horrendous attack on the center of LGBT community in Tel-Aviv, resulting in the killing of gay and lesbian activists and severely wounding several others. We call upon our partners and supporters to fight all forms of crimes of hatred, specially, ones directed against the LGBT community. Tel-Aviv, supposedly, a symbol of pluralism and diversity witnessed the horrifying event of gay and lesbian killing emphasizing the extreme escalation of homophobia in the world in general and the Israel in specific. The horrific crime followed a wave of massive incitement of hatred against the LGBT community in Israel, and it is unfortunate that the Israeli government condemns these crimes but frequently tolerates verbal attacks directed from senior government officials against the LGBT community in the country. Aswat stands in solidarity with all LGBT organizations and activist in the country; Palestinians and Israelis alike, and calls for an immediate stand against the atrocious harassments and killings of LGBT individuals. We will march together, hand in hand, in Haifa, Tel-Aviv, and Jerusalem against hatred and discrimination, and raise our voices, the voices of justice and freedom.

In Solidarity with all victims of Hate Crimes

Aswat – Palestinian Gay Women -

There is difference and there is power. And who holds the power decides the meaning of the difference.

June Jordan

link to ASWAT, Palestinian Gay Women


Women in Black
invite you
to a vigil in black and in silence
Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.
at PRECIADOS, corner of FNAC (Madrid, metro Callao)

activist and defender of human rights

Denounce the assassination of Natalia Estemirova for her activism in defense of human rights.
We wish to accompany her daughter, her family, and the men and women who are activists for peace in Chechnya and Russia.
We demand that the crime not remain in impunity.
We demand that the governments of Spain and the European Union align their relations with the governments of Russia and Chechnya to the end that they respect human rights.

Let us expel war and violence
from history
and from our lives

C/ San Cosme y San Damián, Nº 24, 2º
28012 – Madrid

***(The last Sunday of July Mujeres de Negro will not be at the Plaza Mayor.)

activist and defender of human rights

Natalia Estemirova, activist and defender of human rights, was kidnapped on 15 July in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. Hours later, her body appeared in the Republic of Ingushetia.
Deeply moved by the loss of our friend and companion Natalia Estemirova, Women in Black Against War (of Madrid) want to express our profound grief over her death, and in these moments, we wish to accompany her daughter, her family and the peace activists in Chechnya and Russia, sending them our solidarity and support as they face a situation that is so difficult to bear.
It is our obligation to denounce the terrible assassination of Estemirova, who was affiliated with the organization named Memorial of Grozny, and who up to the last day has been the main voice against the violence suffered by the people of Chechnya: intimidations, assassinations, tortures, kidnappings and disappearances. We suspect that her active work for human rights is the reason for her assassination. Natalia denounced the government of Chechnya and the protection that it received from the government of Russia, even though she knew it could cost her her life.
For all the people of Chechnya and for those who knew her, Natasha was an individual of principles who loved people and felt the need to help all those (both make and female) whose rights had been assailed.
We demand an immediate, rigorous and transparent investigation of the facts.
We demand that the crime not remain in impunity.
We demand that the international community follow and keep watch over the case, to ensure compliance with the necessary guarantees in the process until justice is achieved.
We demand that the governments of Spain and the European Union align their relations with the governments of Russia and Chechnya to the end that they respect human rights and the defenders thereof. We feel that upon putting economic considerations above human rights, our officials are complicit in allowing impunity to prevail.
The men and women who work for human rights in the region of the Caucasus need international civil protection.
We encourage our civil society to not forget this crime nor the many others. Those who killed Natalia and those who ordered the assassination count on remaining unpunished because of the indifference and fear of the civil population. Our protests and our voices requesting justice are always necessary and useful.

Mujeres de Negro de Madrid

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA


The last Sunday of the month
in the Plaza Mayor (next to the horse statue) at 12:00 noon
Women in Black
invite you
to a vigil in black and in silence.
28 JUNE 2009

Let us expel war and violence
from history and from our lives.

C/ San Cosme y San Damián, Nº 24, 2º
28012 – Madrid


WOMEN IN BLACK against war

♀ Create spaces so that the voices of women against war are heard and in order to transform their indignation into active and nonviolent resistance to war.
♀ Reject all policy for war, starting with that of the government of the State or community in which they live.
♀ Maintain historical memory to preclude the imposition of manipulation and forgetfulness.
♀ Build networks of solidarity among women regardless of borders, ethnicity, religions…
♀ Denounce everyday militarization, local and global.
♀ Narrow the links between feminist and anti-militarist thought and practice.
♀ Promote women’s nonviolent resistance against all forms of patriarchal control through the imposition of ethnic uniformity.
♀ Support the participation of women in peace negotiations local, regional and global.
♀ Through education, work for peace, nonviolence, seeking the restoration of harmonious living, which is now broken.
Declare that in the face of conflicts there is one answer: non-cooperation, civil disobedience, as wars never have the good or defense of the people as their objective, rather they are undertaken for hidden economic or political interests.
“As a woman, I have no country. My country is the whole world”. (V. Woolf)
Women is Black was founded in 1988 in Israel when Jewish women went out into the streets in Jerusalem to say NO TO THE OCCUPATION.
In 1991, during the wars in the former Yugoslavia, the Women of Belgrade went out into the streets to denounce their government which had started the wars, the militarism and ethnic cleansing, and said NOT IN MY NAME. The International Network of Women Black continued to develop through the Gatherings of the Solidarity Network among women against war, which took place in Serbia during the wars.
The movement has expanded to many countries on all five continents. In Spain, groups started forming in 1993.
In this way, an International Network has been formed, which works to create bonds of solidarity with civil movements suffering from war or conflict, to be a spokesperson for their denouncements, and to strengthen common commitment in the face of injustice and violations of human rights.
In BLACK, in SILENCE, from a position of NONVIOLENCE, we declare our opposition to war and all types of violence.


The last Sunday of the month
in the Plaza Mayor (next to the horse statue) at 12:00 noon
Women in Black
invite you
to a vigil in black and in silence
31 MAY 2009
International Day of Women for Peace and Disarmament
We request:
• Support, protection and recognition for the nonviolent civil resistance movements in Israel and Palestine.
• Revocation of the military treaty with Israel
• International justice – that the policy of violence of the Israeli Government and violation of international treaties not remain in impunity.

Let us expel war and violence
from history
and from our lives

C/ San Cosme y San Damián, Nº 24, 2º
28012 – Madrid



Numerous civil organizations and anonymous persons in Palestine and Israel go forward in the search for justice and reconciliation; nevertheless their voices are systematically silenced. In some of these groups as a principle, they work together, Palestinians and Israelis, suffering the control and lack of understanding of both societies and their officials.

One of the most celebrated examples of nonviolent resistance in Palestine is that of the town of Bil’In, which struggles against the occupation of their lands and the blockade of the Wall, with the participation of Israeli and international accompaniment. Other Palestinian towns of the West Bank proceed in the same pacific manner: Beit Likia, Ni’lin, Ma’asana, Beit Lehem, Jaaus. This resistance has paid a high price with several Palestinian and international activists assassinated by the Israeli army. In addition, since the recent attacks on Gaza, they continue to suffer nocturnal armed invasions of the Israeli army, which result in additional people wounded, terror and destruction in a clear strategy of harassment towards all activities for peace.

The powerful Sate apparatus of Israel also acts against its own citizens, undermining their rights and exercising iron control to impede any objection to their militaristic policy of war against Palestine. We denounce the detention of 200 pacifists during the bombardment of Gaza; the confiscation in May of the computers of the feminist anti-militarist group New Profile and the group named Target 21, who work regarding conscientious objection; the detention of members of the Coalition of Women for Peace and the recent detention of other long-time Israeli pacifists.

We ask of the Government of Israel
♀ To cease the occupation and policy of violence against the Palestinian people.
♀ Justice for all the acts of violence and war that the State of Israel has developed against Palestine and against its own civil society.
♀ A stop to the harassment, persecution and criminalization of the nonviolent Palestinian resistance.
♀ Recognition of the citizens’ right to disagree with their policy and a stop to the persecution and stigmatizing of the Israeli pacifists.
♀ Respect of the Israeli and Palestinian authorities for the peace initiatives of the civil society.

We ask the Government of Spain and the European Union for
♀ Support, protection and recognition for the civil nonviolent resistance movement in Israel and Palestine.
♀ Revocation of the military treaty with Israel.
♀ International justice – that the policy of violence of the Israeli Government and violation of international treaties not remain in impunity.

In commemoration of the International Day of Women for Peace and Disarmament, we also ask for the immediate liberation of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Traslater Trisha Novak (USA)