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Women in Black of Madrid
Invite you to a vigil in black and in silence

On 25 NOVEMBER at 6 p.m.

in front of the Embassy of Colombia in Madrid
c/General Martínez Campos, 48

on the last Sunday of the month, 27 NOVEMBER, at 12:00 noon

in the Plaza Mayor (next to the horse statue)

On the international day against violence towards women

We denounce:
The femincide that is taking place in Buenaventura, Colombia, an Afro-Colombian community on the Pacific coast.

We ask
Of the government of Colombia, political will to legislate urgently and effectively against the violence that is exercised towards women in Colombia in general and especially the women of Buenaventura.

Of the European Union and the Government of Spain that their relations with the Government of Colombia be contingent on the following conditions:
Respect for human rights.
Putting an end to impunity for the violence against women that we denounce, whose maximum manifestation is the femicide that is taking place in Buenaventura.

Let us expel war and violence
from history
and from our lives

C/ San Cosme y San Damián, Nº 24, 2º
28012 – Madrid


Commemorating 25th November: in solidarity with the women of Buenaventura

The network of Women in Black against War celebrated our XV International Conference this past August in Bogota, Colombia, in which activists from 15 countries participated. An international group and Ruta Pacifica (Women in Black of Colombia) went to Buenaventura, a city of Afro-Colombians on the Pacific coast where there have been a large number of femicides.

The situation in Buenaventura is very hard, especially for the women, exacerbated by the abandonment and vulnerability that the people in this city are experiencing. To this, one must add the presence in the area of all the armed actors (army, police, drug traffickers, paramilitaries and guerillas) and it is the women whose bodies suffer the most because of the continuation of the conflict in Colombia. Family or other affective relationships that they might have with some of the armed actors converts them into an object for all sorts of violence perpetrated by the enemies of that group: physical and sexual aggressions, trafficking in international prostitution, including young girls who are virgins, forced displacements, assassinations and disappearances. In addition, in some cases they are repudiated by their own families.

Despite all this, the women of Buenaventura resist and have created organizations to prevent and denounce violence and rape and to demand respect for their rights, accompanied by demands for truth, justice and reparation.

COMMEMORATING 25 NOVEMBER, international day against violence towards women, the International Network of Women in Black, wants to draw attention to the situation of the women of Buenaventura in particular, and of all Colombia in general, as well as the prevailing impunity for the acts of violence committed against them.

We also want to emphasize the work done by some public prosecutors in Colombia, who, despite the threats against them, are acting on the denunciations of abuses and violence against the women.

From here in Madrid, we join the international campaign of support for the women of Buenaventura and we ask:

That the European Union and the Government of Spain make their relations with the Government of Colombia conditional on the following considerations:

Respect for human rights.
The development of legislation that will protect, defend and promote real security of the women.
Putting an end to the impunity for the violence against women that we denounce, the maximum manifestation of which is the femicide that is occurring in Buenaventura.
Promotion of the processes for truth, justice and reparation.
Creation of policies that will dignify the lives of the Afro-Colombian population of Buenaventura, in particular, that of the women.

To give priority to life is not only the true economy,
it is, rather, a question of justice

Traslation: Trisha Novak, USA


Asamblea Antimilitarista and Mujeres de Negro contra la guerra de Madrid (Women in Black against the war – Madrid)
in support of the WEEK OF NONVIOLENCE OF IRAQ (7-9th October 2011)

We are in solidarity with the WEEK OF NONVIOLENCE, which will take place in Iraq this coming October. Non-governmental and Iraqi and international social movements will participate. This year, representatives of the Women in Black of Madrid and the Antimilitarist Assembly from Spain will be present.

Among the activities that will that will unfold during this week of Nonviolence, which was first celebrated in 2006, is the Third Conference of the Iraqui Civil Society Solidarity Initiative – ICSSI*, which will take place in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, 7 – 9 October 2011.

At the conference, the current situation in Iraq will be analyzed, including the role of the civil society and the social movements, and the creation of an Iraqi Social Forum, which will initiate solidarity campaigns and cooperation with international movements designed to bring about an Iraq with social justice and real democracy. Through these activities, Iraqi society seeks to recover their freedom and dignity, asking for the end to foreign occupation as well as the corruption and sectarianism of Iraqi institutions. They believe that civil society must play a prominent role in building a new Iraq, with nonviolence as the only path to change.

The following topics will be dealt with during the conference: Protests of the Iraqi social movements. Liberty of expression and of the press. Women and equality. The current situation of Iraqi youth. Workers’ liberties and rights. The role of the NGOs. Human rights in Iraq. Nonviolence and activism against militarization. Natural resources and effects of the war on the environment. The World Social Forum and its development in the Arab countries.

The First International Marathon will take place in Erbil before the conference, promoted by the civil organizations and the Iraqi Group for Nonviolence (LAONF**), a non-competitive activity aimed at drawing attention to the NGOs, youth groups, students, unions and other organizations.

Some 120 organizations from all over Iraq are part of the LAONF Network, including all the religious and ethnic communities, and which attempt to denounce the unjust occupation and demand respect for human rights, promoting dialogue and a culture of peace. LAONF (Nonviolence in Arab language) is not a political party nor an organization: it is a free union of people committed to nonviolence.

Women in Black Against War see the need for an independent investigation of the consequences of the invasion and military occupation and for the occupying countries to assume their responsibility for the social, cultural and economic destruction of Iraq, along with the loss of human life. Taking on this responsibility is a way to help avoid new military occupation in other countries.

Traslater Trisha Novak USA

* Iraqui Civil Society Solidarity Initiative



As women, we are excited and moved by the wide social mobilization which, given impetus by 15M and Real Democracy Now, has taken the plazas and streets of our cities.

As pacifists and anti-militarists, we are enthused by the non-violent commitment adopted by this movement, in the camp-outs, as well as in the massive demonstrations. And not only in its formal aspects – peaceful resistance, goodwill, flowers as a symbol – but also by the respect accorded to others and the general ambiance, and with the fundamental conviction to not create enemies, facilitating dialogue with those who might be of another mind.

As activists, we cannot but feel pleasantly surprised by the echo that this new impulse, replete with freshness and imagination, has taken in our society and which has unfurled its ideas from the profound feeling of deception and alienation provoked by current politics.

Not only has it put into operation a horizontal system, which permits the participation of all persons equally, but the mass expression has been achieved through “words without voice” which are gestures, without discounting the option of declaring disagreements or differences.

Without grand ideologies, based on concrete things and expressing concrete solutions, it has been demonstrated in the plazas that society has other ways of expressing political action.

As feminists, we are somewhat ambivalent. On the on the one hand, we receive with pleasure certain attitudes that infrequently prevail, such as care in promoting an inclusive language (of gender, for the deaf, translation to other languages) and the search for respectful and non-offensive language. On the other hand, we are disappointed because of the little understanding of feminism and the rejection that this word provokes without any effort to fully understand its deep ramifications and significance. We regret and denounce the aggressions that women and women’s collectives that have participated in mobilizations have suffered, and we issue a call to procure reparation and dignity for them.

We have participated and will continue to participate in the initiatives that arise from popular assemblies of the neighborhoods, of the towns, of the camp-outs because we support the premises of this movement and we want to be in the streets with the people. We trust in the continuation and perseverance of actions that will being about a change, not only in parliamentary politics but also in the conscience of civil society.

We know that the process is not easy and that mistakes are possible. And since we know that we have defects, we will put all the more zeal into an effort to minimize them.

We want to maintain the plazas as a symbol of the expression of the people, like the agora where minds are opened by sharing ideas with others.

And, of course, we want to keep alive the memory of those beautiful liberated plazas and squares in which so many defenders of human rights have lost their lives throughout history.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA


The last Sunday of the month


in the Plaza Mayor (next to the horse statue) at 12:00 noon
Women in Black of Madrid
invite you
to a vigil in black and in silence

27 MARCH 2011

- In support of the women of North Africa and the Middle East

- Against international military intervention in Libya


- We declare our total opposition to an international military intervention in Libya, as it will lead to more grief and destruction for the civilian population.

- We oppose the use of Spanish military air and land bases for that intervention.

- We request a real and effective blockade of the sales or supply of weapons to the parties confronting one another in Libya.

- We denounce the international policies that permit certain goverments to systematically violate human rights and/or are corrupt.

- We believe that it is deceitful to pose military intervention as a moral and humanitarian obligation of the international community.

- We say NO to military intervention in Libya and NO to Ghadaffi’s violence against his own people.

- We say YES to the alternatives that will not produce more violence for the people of Libya.

Let us expel war and violence
from history
and from our lives



On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first March 8th, International Day of Women, and 62 years since the declaration of Human Rights, Women in Black of Madrid support and want to draw attention to the work for their rights carried out by women through organizations or individually in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. We recognize with them that these rights are universal and not a new sort of cultural colonialism of the West.

We believe that throughout history women in any place, of any ethnicity or religion have suffered violence, subjugation and invisibility, and because of that we can create solidarity networks. We do not forget the special vulnerability of those who live in situations of conflict or war.

We denounce the European Union and the government of Spain which, in their cooperative relationships with some of the countries in the aforementioned regions, have demanded laws regarding equality of gender that have not been fulfilled. The UE and the government of Spain were aware of and accepted this deceit.*In Tunis, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco… women have participated actively in the mobilizations. But now they fear that the parties that oppose their rights will take over the revolution, that consideration of their rights will be discarded or postponed, and in the interest of stability in those countries, the International Community gives its consent.

The women ask that we support and disseminate what they want and need:

· Security, equality, democracy, freedom of expression…

· Secular state: separation of State and religion because the religions in power have been instruments of control and subordination of women

· That laws not be permitted that intimidate or punish women for exercising their right to sexuality.

During the recent mobilizations, there have been aggressions against women that cannot remain in impunity: In Tunis, rapes by men of the regime that has been overthrown; attacks against women and female children in Bahrain. We ask for an investigation of these facts, justice and reparation.

Before these mobilizations, we knew nothing about the women in Libya. We fear for the harm the women and the civilian population may have suffered during the bombardments against them ordered by Ghadaffi. We ask for an investigation of the possible rape of the women.

Likewise, we ask for an investigation and sanctions regarding the rape of the Saharan women by Moroccan police in the Camp of Dignity in El Ayun in 2010.

We denounce:

· The sorrowful situation of the Palestinian women imprisoned in Israeli jails, who suffer total violation of their rights, including the right to visits from family. When they are freed, they are discriminated against by the Palestinian society just for being women.

· The application of sharia law against the women in the Kurdistan area of Iraq.

We condemn the violence with which Ghadaffi has responded to the revindications of his people, violence which has led to a civil war. We declare our total opposition to international military intervention in Libya, as it will lead to more grief and destruction of the civilian population. We oppose the idea that a military response is the only solution to the conflict. Likewise, we condemn the repression of the social mobilizations in Bahrain and the Saudi military intervention there.

We ask the government and all our citizens to not put our economic and political interests and our own well-being before humanitarian aid to the women and all the civilian populations of these countries. Our international relations should be conditioned by respect for Human Rights.

*Report entitled “Plan de accion de Estambul”, Acsur-Las Segovias (“Istanbul Action Plan”)

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA
Revisa: Yolanda Rouiller, MdN


Support for the Arab people, 27 February 2011

We are seeing the civil societies in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya, Morocco, … declare categorically their desires for democracy: civil rights and respect for human rights.

The European Union and all the rulers of the Spanish democracy knew that the main problem in those countries, and the entire area, was the systematic violation of human rights and the corruption of their leaders. But they pictured it to us that these were regions in conflict that favored resistance to change, tradition and terrorism to justify the growing militarization of the world and control of the populace.

We have observed with pain and indignation the repression and violence that their
leaders have exercised (including the great ally of the government of Egypt) towards the mobilizations of its unarmed populace and that our governors have not raised their voices to protect them.

We do not resign ourselves to stand by and see how the government of Libya massacres its people and we roundly condemn bombing of their own people. We ask the European Union and the government of Spain to intervene politically to stop Mr. Qaddafi.

Women in Black of Madrid reject any regime that impedes the development of civil rights and the rights of women.

Women have taken on a great role in the revolution that is changing the very foundations of its societies. They are present at the public places and are breaking away from the secondary role to which they have been relegated for centuries. We have the hope that these conflicts will serve to build solidarity networks among women without regard to borders, ethnicity or religion.

WE ASK our government and the European Union:
-To condemn these regimes, their violations of human rights and corruption.
-To condemn all violence against the people.
-To support citizen mobilizations for their right to a life with dignity.
-To condition relations with other governments based on their applying policies that
implement the rights of the citizenry and human rights, with one of the main indicators being the development of the rights of women.
-That they not manipulate, but spread the reality of the countries and regions in conflict.
-To make the voices of women heard, their feelings, their needs…
-To cease the exportation of armaments used, on many occasions, to repress the people.
-To take measures to promote an education that will help us to demilitarize our ways of feeling, thinking and acting.

• Nonviolence as a way to struggle for these demands.
• Visibility of women and their assuming a role in the renovation of their societies.
• Separation of church/religion and state.

We declare our conviction that our security and development will be greater if democracy and human rights are universally applied.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA