Statement 28 March 2021: FACING THE SOCIAL EMERGENCY   Recently updated !

Facing the social emergency, Feminism is essential!

Even in the context of the pandemic, no one can silence us, hence our shout. A shout with which we refer to all oppression against us, the women, which has multiplied during the coronavirus crisis, as we are the ones who have most suffered from the effects of unemployment and need for caregiving.

Within our right to demonstrate, we will decorate balconies and windows, those spaces that during the pandemic have been our contact with the outside. We will all, all be together in the streets, dressed in purple, violet, lilac and blue and we will shout out for our rights, the rights of all women.

In our shout, we will reclaim all that at this time seems essential: energy, water, housing, care giving, defense of public services, anti-racism, dissent, sex and gender identity, an unconditional basic income for all and also the planetary emergency and global disarmament. We reject precariousness and macho violence.

Since no one can silence us in our right to demonstrate, we demand the elimination of subjugation of women and trafficking of women and girls, we want a wholesome sexual education and equality. The feminist struggle is a collective struggle, in which we understand that we women share a series of problems and situations. That is the reason why this is a political struggle because it affects us all.

As feminists, we see that the current model of consumption leads to the collapse of the environment, that the plunder of natural resources leads to an environmental and climate crisis, that we should be aware of environmental damages, that ecocides on the planet are irreversible and that we should provide for human safety. For that reason, this 8th of March, we remember that responsible consumption is essential, putting human life at the center, human and environmental rights both because it is necessary to have an ecological transition from a perspective of positive peace and environmental peace.

As antimilitarists, we see that it is imperative to end the arms race and military expenditures worldwide and so that security no longer be militarized, it is necessary to put human life and the survival of the planet at the center.

This 8 March, Women in Black of Madrid demand:

Reduction in military expenditures worldwide.

The end to the weapons industry, the manufacture and sale of weapons, which have important environmental impacts because of the consumption of energy and pollution involved, and lead to armed conflicts that make both us and the planet more vulnerable.

Limit the military-industrial complexes until they disappear, reinvesting these resources in human security, which means to eliminate poverty, have a suitable quality of life, well-being, housing, education, culture and public health.

Restrict weapons tests, which have important environmental costs, in addition to the contamination caused by their toxic wastes, deforestation and loss of habitat resulting from the process.

End the plunder of natural resources and care for the environment, because we women transform society day by day.

We, the women, move the world

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain

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