CONVOCATION 25th June 2023: For Global Security

For Global Security

After the First World War, the League of Nations (LN) was created. It proposed to establish the basis for peace and reorganization of international relations, with mediation, conciliation and negotiation to avoid or solve conflicts among countries, and also to promote disarmament and collective security. The League of Nations never had sufficient authority to impose its resolutions and was not able to avoid the Second World War.

When the Second W. War was over, 50 nations ratified the Foundational Charter creating the United Nations. The Security Council was established to maintain international peace and security. All agreed to comply with the resolutions, but only five members of the permanent council had the right to veto, a veto with which they have always avoided approving any resolution that implicates one of them or their partners. Thus, China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Russia have systematically violated international law.

Since then, various organizations and international agreements have been created to favor co-existence among the nations, avoid conflicts and promote co-operation and trust among the countries and their citizens:
-The Council of Europe (1949), based on the European Convention on Human Rights and fundamental liberties, with the power of sanction.

-The Helsinki Final Act (1975), which consecrates the inviolability of the European borders and rejects all use of force and all interference in the internal affairs of neighboring countries.

-The Charter for European Security (1999 y 2010) with the goal to establish a more secure Europe, so that this might be a free, democratic and better integrated area in which the participating nations live in peace with one another and in which the people and communities live in peace, prosperity and security.

If the nations had respected these agreements, we would be closer to achieving disarmament and global security, understanding this as human security that guarantees that all people are accorded their basic necessities and would facilitate progress in human rights and universal liberties. But these agreements have been systematically violated.

The response to the invasion of Ukraine, a flagrant violation of International Law, has been an amplification of NATO with rearmament and political and social militarization. This has created a world that is more insecure, an insecurity that grows exponentially with the deliveries of arms to Ukraine. However, no one ever mentions the responsibility of the governments for not respecting the treaties.

So that there be human SECURITY, we urgently NEED that:

There cease to be veto power in the Security Council of the United Nations.

Treaties ratified internationally be respected and that the agreements arrived at be consented to unanimously by all the countries.

Rearmament and militarization cease.

The people demand that governments respect international treaties.

The global development of human rights be promoted, along with a cessation of neo-colonial relationships.

We urgently need to proceed towards disarmament.

Translation: Trisha Novak, USA – Yolanda Rouiller, WiB Spain

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